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Marriage and divorce aren’t just legal issues.  They are personal decisions with important legal consequences.  Knowing family law is the bare minimum requirement of being a good divorce lawyer.  An excellent and effective family lawyer not only advises you as to the law, but informs you of your options for separation or divorce.  My job as your divorce attorney or mediator is to help you move on from this stage of your life to the next in the healthiest, most informed way possible.  You are not hiring me just to get “divorced”.  You are hiring me to get you past this stage, and onto your ‘new normal’.  People make fun of divorce lawyers because they don’t understand our enormous responsibilities.  What matters MORE than your family? When issues arise in this area, they inflict the greatest pain. I know the law; I try hard to understand your needs; and I do my best to achieve the best results for you and your family. This is my purpose as your lawyer.  I am proud of my work, and I strive to never take my clients’ trust for granted.

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