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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Protect Everyone

If you are entering into a marriage and are concerned about assets or debts, you may want to have a consultation with a prenuptial lawyer also known as a preup lawyer or prenuptial attorney, then call us and schedule a free consultation.

Divorce or even legal separation issues can be complex, but when you throw in the division of assets, things get even more difficult. Perhaps you are entering into a marriage and would like to ensure that, in the event your marriage does not work out, or your spouse dies, your assets that were the assets or property you acquired prior to the marriage, as well as earnings and other assets you acquire in the marriage, are protected, not just from your former spouse, but also your spouses family members and possibly his or her creditors.

As family law lawyers we handle issues connected to dissolution of marriage or divorce settlement. Depending upon your situation, our prenuptial attorney can help you craft an agreement that will allow for you to retain as many assets as possible or for the fair and equitable distribution of your assets in the event your marriage should end through divorce.

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Remember: A marriage contract does not mean you have to give away everything you’ve worked for should things not pan out. A prenup attorney can help remove the emotions from the divorce process that often block couples from reaching decisions concerning joint property and division of assets as those issues are handled before the marriage. With a prenup agreement in place prior to divorce, things are much simpler, and our lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of the process, including understanding the pre nuptial or post nuptial, marriage contract and how to prepare legally binding prenuptial forms.

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